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Aiman and Muneeb Nikah video

Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt Nikah As a father the touch of your hand made me go through the lovely moments spent together over these years specially when your walked for the first time holding my hand and fearlessness made me feel so proud to be your father When you and I shared that moment earlier, that glimpse of the eye as I walked you down the aisle – just know that’s a moment I will cherish forever” The agony of lost and the ecstasy of finding you moving ahead in your lovely future.

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Wedding Story

A Wedding Story A wedding story, story of a couple finds their love and bounds into a relationship. [embed][/embed] There is definitely a 'red carpet moment' to a bride's wedding day, but when designing for bridal, it is important to focus on the details that will captivate and capture the imagination of the bride - she has to fall in love with the gown. Studio86 is designed to provide photography services, such as wedding photography, events photography, people photography, portraits and product. We captures your story in a memorable way that will last forever. Please visit for more details...!...

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A Royal Touch

  "A Royal Touch" Always wonder how a royal couple could be...! She smiled and whispered "here my love look we are not less than anyone else. You will always remain my King and I wish to die like your Queen". Studio 86 always try to fill your event with colors and unforgettable memories which will last forever. [caption id="attachment_1142" align="aligncenter" width="500"] wedding photography[/caption]     Special thanks to Lawyers Club and their Management. Copyrights: All rights reserved #weddingphotography#wedding#portrait#brideandgroom#bridalmakeup#weddingdress#weddingplanner#designerdress#weddingphotographerinkarachi

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Season of love

Studio 86 present's "Season of Love" Zohair & Sadia A love story which flew mile away from East to West. All of us have heard stories about being together but these two lovely couple were different.....     #studio86 thank you for being part of our family. Wedding photography by studio86

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Bride and Groom Made for each other

Rimsha & Ali Bride and Groom Made for each other "I have always been fascinated by the beauty of human faces and in how many different ways it exists. This interest has been powering my affection for wedding photography for quite a long time". Wedding Photography is a beautiful genre that include portraits (solo and couple), family groups and event coverage so almost any professional or aspiring photographer who appreciates beauty can find something in it for them. Bride and groom Rimsha & Ali Studio 86 is honored for sharing some memorable moments of Rimsha & Ali wedding. Makeup by...

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Zohair and Sadia wedding photography in Karachi

The event: Zohair and Sadia wedding photography in Karachi [video width="400" height="224" mp4=""][/video]   I woke up early today flooding with vitality as it is our enormous day. This is the day we have been preparing for and today we will finish on our assurance to concentrate on each other until the finish of time. I envisioned that the day we got vowed was the most euphoric day of my life yet nothing has set me up for the flooding bliss I am feeling now as I hold up to meet you in the conciliatory table. As I was getting...

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