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Colors Of Love

Colors Of Love: ============ She has made colors look more beautiful when they flash back from her face to the camera. Her eyes wide open waiting for the one who will become her "Last Name" forever. She was wondering where to find his soulmate between so many people who were her's own but yet become strangers. Looking here and there her eyes were searching for the one who will come & change her life with new beginning. Colors of love become so prominent which she couldn't hide, the time is getting closer to finally close her eyes. Her heart whispers...

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Fashion Shoot BTS with Naveen Waqar

Fashion Shoot BTS with Naveen Waqar Had so much fund working with Naveen for her fashion portfolio. A very friendly person, down to earth and cheerful icon of our industry. Actress Naveen waqar Makeup Artist Babar Zaheer Cordination Rana Asif - Rraannaayy Video done by Rameez Khan #Studio86 is excited to be a part of your wedding day. Not like others, we are out of those 20% professional people in Pakistan who have skills as well as education from abroad in this profession. Not just with your Photoshoot and Film making. Now we are also providing event management...

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Photography by Studio86

Photography by Studio86 I selected this topic as Photography by Studio86 only to share our work and let people know who we are. I believe that now a days everyone who owns a DSLR or Semi Pro camera considered as a photographer which I think is good. Being human we always learn in different aspects of life but the difference in a person that learn the skills through experience and a passionate person who learn the techniques and become extraordinary. Yes I am talking about people who actually learn photography through institutes, universities and become a professional photographer. Only few names that come...

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Wedding photography in Karachi for Bisma

Wedding Photography It was a great event and we were honored to capture the complete wedding photography and Movie making of Bisma a beautiful bride. We have captured her Mehndi, wedding and valima events and have used Cinematic movie making along with photography. Studio 86 try to capture very special unseen and unforgettable moments of your life on very special event.   We provide services including fashion photography, event photography, wedding photography, corporate events, portfolio shoot, product photography, event management and lots of other services. Everything under one roof in #Karachi. Stay tuned.... Here is the teaser video of event:

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My First Wedding Photography in Karachi

My First Wedding Photography in Karachi These pictures are belong to my first wedding photography in karachi. I went to their wedding ceremony with friend to test and understand how our traditional wedding photographer works. Had a great experience and learn a lot that day.    

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Saima and Saad wedding photography at Bahria Auditorium

Saima and Saad wedding photography Would like to share with you guys my wedding photography of Saima and Saad wedding, such an amazing couple. Wish them all the best in life. We all gather at Bahria Auditorium, few hour earlier before the wedding ceremony start for daylight wedding shoot. It was so much fun to work in a public place.   

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